About Mira Publishing House cic.

Founded as a non-profit Community Interest Company in 2011, Mira Publishing House is a progressive, forward-thinking enterprise. The idea of Mira started when Mrs. Mira Fadwa Fadel –a computer scientist, developed an electronic device that helps the disabled to easily and efficiently enjoy any book, and prevents breaching the digital copyright of published materials. The idea then extended to establishing a publishing house in order to fund manufacturing the device and making it available to publishers.

With this in mind, we have developed our own IPO patented e-reader, Mira Intelligent Read™, a revolutionary, user-friendly device with unique unmatched functions. It reads all languages with special unrivalled features, concerning accessibility for children and people with disabilities. Our device provides the highest level of security to help preventing digital piracy, making it a global tool in reaching out to all readers. Mira Intelligent Read comes at an affordable price to readers across the globe. We are looking forward to leading this device to its destined investor so that its high technology reaches the entire world, especially the third world.

We are currently making a thorough evaluation of investors – publishers and green technology pioneers – as we are keen on finding the perfect home for this device.